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Post-Election Reflections on Salt Spring


This morning on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, I took a walk along a rocky shoreline; my view of the water, still and mirror-like, was framed by mossy trees and towering pines.  I listened to my favorite “walking meditation” playlist, which consists of spiritual music from Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and secular traditions.  It fascinates me that each musical selection awakens the same experience….a beautiful feeling of awe and wonder at the formless energy behind every aspect of creation.  Maybe more than in any other way, I glimpse our essential oneness, that beautiful feeling of awe, wonder, love (it’s so hard to describe!) via the portals of music and nature.

As I walked, I thought about members of my family and my friendship circle.  Each of us finds that feeling in different ways.  Perhaps one finds it when he’s on the water in his boat with his beloved canine companion.  Perhaps another finds it when he walks in nature, or sees the smiles on the faces of his children and grandchildren.  One I suspect, finds it in being in service to others in ways large and small.  Another shares it from her soul when she lifts her beautiful voice in song. Because we are all different, myriad experiences help us notice the feeling, but it always comes from within.

Each of the family members and friends I am thinking of are loving, hard-working people who are leading respectful and productive lives; some are parents who have raised beautiful children. Each of them supported our new president-elect and had his or her own personal reason for voting as they did. I took exception when Hillary Clinton said that “half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable.” But, found it possible to forgive her when she humbly apologized for being “grossly generalistic.”

Who among us has not experienced times when we are in judgment of others?  And, who among us has not forgotten from time to time that, as Mother Theresa said, “if you judge people you have no time to love them.”

Clinton, like all of us, moves in and out of levels of love or consciousness.  Trump does the same.  And for that reason, I am willing to do my very best to observe closely and see how he will do.  It helps me to know that what a person says at any given time is evidence of where they are, not who they are.  Unfortunately, as history proves, sometimes people and civilizations do get stuck at a level of understanding that results in intentional and unintentional pain and suffering for themselves and many, many others.   And, love/wisdom will always guide us to know what to do when things go awry. It seems paradoxical that wisdom is best found when we are free of judgment, but that’s Truth. So that’s why I will try to avoid judging right now….because it’s very important to be able to access wisdom and love so that I can see best what to do.

I have a vivid memory that when I was a child of about four, I was suddenly captivated by the beauty of a Peace rose.  I remember gazing at the petals of red, yellow and peach, some perfect, some not and having the thought:, “that’s God!” And by God, I mean the inexplicable, mystical, formless intelligence behind all of life. The feeling of that was so profound and beautiful.  It has taken me years to look at my self/Self (entirely human/entirely Divine experience) and KNOW that the same is true of me; that in all my imperfection, I am a reflection of a deep and perfect essence, as is all of life.

What I’m getting to is that I know I can trust that essence.  In all the imperfection I see around me, there are opportunities to evolve to a deeper understanding, to a higher love and to greater clarity about what to do to make things better.

I am deeply saddened by the president elect’s comments, some old, some recent, about many groups, especially women.  The deep imperfections in his behavior have awakened anew in me an energy to work on behalf of our mothers, sisters and daughters to right very long-standing injustices.  I am being shaken out of a complacency about that, which feels good.  The experience of feeling energized by love is far preferable to the anger of judgment.

The Healing Mind: Discovering the Missing Link Between Trauma and Resilience

Bill and Linda are excited to be sharing the 3 Principles with foster and adoptive care workers and families in the state of Alabama, July 21st and 22nd in Montgomery and Birmingham. Here is an excerpt from the write up:

Have you ever wondered what is really going on “behind the scenes” when people heal from adverse experiences? What truly determines whether an adverse experience is “traumatic” or just challenging? What roles can helping professionals play to not only provide relief but healing that lasts? Most importantly, how do people stay in a loving, light-hearted feeling (stress resistance) despite challenging or uncertain circumstances and what allows them to quickly regain this feeling if they lose it (resilience)?

Drs. Bill and Linda Pettit will explore the 3 universal and formless principles that explain how people have an innate capacity to heal from any adverse event and how this understanding alone draws this out in others.

The understanding of the three principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought is not a theory; it explains the way all human beings create theories, beliefs and experiences. When parents and professionals see the spiritual principles behind the human psychological experience with clarity and certainty, they know that they and the children in their care are not broken and have nothing lacking. They recognize that they and the children in their care have the same access to an unlimited source of wisdom and wellbeing. This refreshing workshop will provide an understanding that replaces mental stress with love and light-heartedness, hope, creative responsiveness, and an appreciation for the limitless possibility in every experience.

For more detaials: click here.



3 Principles Intervention, LLC

Drs. Bill and Linda Pettit welcome you to 3 Principles Intervention, LLC, our consulting business dedicated to inspiring hope around the world that mental health (a feeling of well-being) is accessible to everyone, regardless of past experiences, present circumstances or future challenges. Between them, Dr. Bill, a psychiatrist, and Dr. Linda, a counseling psychologist, have over 75 years experience in mental health.  Their work is based on an understanding known simply as the “3 Principles” which were articulated over 35 years ago by Sydney Banks. Fundamentally, the understanding explains that life is a psychological experience that each and every one of us is creating in a unique way via three spiritual (meaning that they are invisible and have no form) principles: Mind, Consciousness and thought. Just so you know, a Principle, as we are using it, is a universal fact or Truth, meaning that it operates everywhere and for everyone in the exact same way (like gravity, for example.)

Our personal and clinical experience has proven to us that when we have insights about how these 3 Principles operate, we incrementally begin to create  happier, more contented lives.  This is true for everyone, including those who have traumatic experiences in their history, those who were born with physical challenges, and despite genetic predispositions. Seeing the nature of the 3 Principles has brought hope, healing and contentment to thousands of people who previously thought they were doomed to lives of depression, anxiety, mental illness, and desperation.

We share the 3 Principles with diverse audiences through: individual consultations, intensives (where people come to work with one or both of us for 4 days), and through speaking engagements and international workshops. Our popular 2-day program, “Never Broken, Nothing Lacking: How the Mind Heals” has been provided to mental health agencies, government agencies and public audiences. Please use the form below to contact us: