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July 1, 2016

The Healing Mind: Discovering the Missing Link Between Trauma and Resilience

by 3 Principles Intervention LLC

Bill and Linda are excited to be sharing the 3 Principles with foster and adoptive care workers and families in the state of Alabama, July 21st and 22nd in Montgomery and Birmingham. Here is an excerpt from the write up:

Have you ever wondered what is really going on “behind the scenes” when people heal from adverse experiences? What truly determines whether an adverse experience is “traumatic” or just challenging? What roles can helping professionals play to not only provide relief but healing that lasts? Most importantly, how do people stay in a loving, light-hearted feeling (stress resistance) despite challenging or uncertain circumstances and what allows them to quickly regain this feeling if they lose it (resilience)?

Drs. Bill and Linda Pettit will explore the 3 universal and formless principles that explain how people have an innate capacity to heal from any adverse event and how this understanding alone draws this out in others.

The understanding of the three principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought is not a theory; it explains the way all human beings create theories, beliefs and experiences. When parents and professionals see the spiritual principles behind the human psychological experience with clarity and certainty, they know that they and the children in their care are not broken and have nothing lacking. They recognize that they and the children in their care have the same access to an unlimited source of wisdom and wellbeing. This refreshing workshop will provide an understanding that replaces mental stress with love and light-heartedness, hope, creative responsiveness, and an appreciation for the limitless possibility in every experience.

For more detaials: click here.



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